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Cookies for BREAKFAST?!

Heck ya! And let me you, telling the kids they get COOKIES for BREAKFAST has made them a hit in our house. These aren’t your standard sugar laden, gluten-y cookies that you may be used to. They’re naturally sweetened with fruit and honey, and use coconut and almond flour in lieu of traditional flour.

One of my biggest hurdles on the Paleo Diet has been creating a quick breakfast menu. Don’t get me wrong, cooking up some bacon and scrambling eggs isn’t brain science but it does take a bit of effort and gets a little old day in and day out. (I have some other tricks to pep up eggs that I’ll share in a future post.) With two toddlers on the loose it takes us long enough to just shoes on and hair combed. Morning minutes are a precious commodity! And while most days I still will make eggs, smoothies, bacon, etc., some days I need a reprieve.

So thank you to Against All Grain for that reprieve and for coming up with THIS great recipe. I make them ahead of time and in the morning I can’t think of anything easier to serve up!

I’ve tried some variations on this recipe such as adding walnuts, cranberries etc and they have come out great as well. I’ve even tried to “pumpkin pie-ify” them but that’s a work in progress, hopefully I’ll crack that code and be able to share soon!


What’s your go to easy breakfast? Sound off below!



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