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Whole30 Pork Fried Cauliflower Rice

Not only is this Pork Fried Cauliflower Rice delicious and ready in minutes but it's paleo and Whole30 compliant!
Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time15 mins
Total Time20 mins
Course: Main / Side
Cuisine: Whole30
Keyword: cauliflower fried rice, Cauliflower rice stir-fry, Chinese cauliflower rice
Servings: 2
Author: The Whole Smiths


  • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/2 yellow onion chopped
  • 1 pound ground pork
  • 2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 bag of Mann's Cauliflower "Fried Rice" Blend / 3 cups cauliflower rice
  • 4 tablespoons toasted sesame oil
  • 2 tablespoons coconut aminos (4 tablespoons if you would like to omit the tamari soy sauce and make this Whole30 compliant
  • 2 tablespoons tamari soy sauce
  • 3 eggs beaten
  • 1 green onion sliced
  • Red pepper flakes optional


  • Add the olive oil to a large cast iron skillet (any skillet will work, but I love a cast iron one) and heat over medium heat. When the oil is hot, add the onions and sauté until the onions are softened and lightly browned, about 5-7 minutes.
  • Push the onions to the side of the pan and add the ground pork to the pan, adding more oil if the pan had gone dry. Add 1 teaspoons of the salt to the pork. Let the pork lightly brown and continue to cook while breaking it up with a wooden spoon.
  • Once the pork is cooked through add your cauliflower rice to the pan and add the sesame oil, coconut aminos and or tamari soy sauce and remainder of the salt and stir to combine. Continue to cook until the cauliflower rice has softened.
  • When the cauliflower has softened, form a well in the middle of the pan of rice and pour the beaten egg into it. Let the egg sit until it starts to cook through and gently stir the cooked parts of the egg into the remainder of the dish. Once the egg has cooked through, stir the dish thoroughly to combine.
  • To serve, top with sliced green onions and optional red pepper flakes.


Tips for making Chinese restaurant-style fried cauliflower rice: 

  • As with any Asian stir-fry recipe, it’s important to have all of your ingredients prepped before you start cooking.
  • My version is kid-friendly but feel free to add some finely chopped ginger and garlic during the last minute of frying the onion.
  • Add a sprinkling of green onions and red pepper over the top for the ultimate restaurant-feel.

Variations on this Pork Fried Cauliflower Rice:

  • You can use avocado or coconut oil instead of sesame oil if you're allergic.
  • If you don't like pork, you can use ground turkey or chicken instead.
  • Feel free to swap out tamari for more coconut aminos if you're on Whole30.