The Whole Smiths

Whole Eating + Happy Living

Food Philosophy

If I had to assign a label to the types of foods I cook, I’d have to say it was “paleo”. Most of my recipes will follow paleo guidelines, but not all. I’m all about minimally processed and sustainable foods that are easy and taste great and make us feel good again. I’m not crazy about the term “paleo” as I think it invokes ideas of us sitting around a campfire and gnawing on a boar bone. That’s not what we’re all about and that’s not the focus that I have. For me it’s about removing the lower quality products that are damaging our bodies and replacing them with more nutrient dense foods that make our bodies happy. I do feel that as a society we’ve come to rely on too much sugar and grains in our diets and that’s not where our bodies function at their highest levels. With that being said, you may see some sugar or grains sporadically as well as high quality dairy but they won’t be the dominate player in any recipe.

As you can see, I’m passionate about the food we’re eating and the current state of our food system. I feel that wellness begins with real food and not the processed food-like products that we’ve come to accept as food. I hope that through education and demand we can shift our food system and provide higher quality foods for everyone regardless of income levels.