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Food Philosophy

So you’ve found your way to The Whole Smiths, eh? Welcome! Over here at The Whole Smiths we don’t label ourselves based on the kinds of food we eat. We’re not “paleo” or “keto” (or any of names we’ve created for diets that we try to adhere to).We’re human beings. And chances are you are too.

While those labels can work for food, they aren’t great for people. Our relationships with food, variations in dietary needs for different individuals along with the cultural ties we have to foods are far too complex for a label.

If you’re going to press me to describe my food preferences I’d say that day-to-day we eat high-quality animal proteins, lots of produce and minimally processed foods. We incorporate quality dairy products into our meals but not on a regular basis and some gluten-free grains (because I’m gluten intolerant).

With that said we’ll also dive into some fro-yo after a soccer game and have regular pizza nights on a Friday. Not because it’s a “cheat day”, but because we’re human beings and those things are fun and delicious.

Here’s the difference though, pizza and fro-yo don’t make up our all day, every day diet. We eat plenty of nutrient dense, whole foods throughout the week and can fully enjoy appreciate the times when we don’t. I believe we’ve outgrown stringent dietary labels and at the end of the day just need to know how to cook and shop for whole, minimally processed, nutrient dense foods for ourselves and our families. To do that we need to educate ourselves on the kinds of food products we’re eating and get back in the kitchen. That’s where I step in.

Here at The Whole Smiths I develop easy recipes that any home cook can replicate. Along the way, I’ll also share with you time saving tips, techniques and innovative new food products.

I feel that wellness begins with real food and not the processed food-like products that we’ve come to accept as food. Through education and demand we can shift our food system and provide higher quality foods for everyone regardless of income levels.

Welcome to The Whole Smiths!