Get Wellthy – Where Wellness Doesn’t Suck

You may know me as Michelle from The Whole Smiths. I love diving into the world of wellness and healthy things but hate fussy, boring and over the top. I began my journey focusing solely on food. In fact, I wrote two best-selling, healthy cookbooks! Somewhere along my journey into health and wellness, I realized wellness and feeling good was about more than just diets and exercise and how deeply wellness was rooted into our every day.

It’s about the people we surround ourselves with, our mindsets, the belief systems we hold on to and the habits and rituals we hold for ourselves. So I started a podcast with my husband and forever temporary co-host, Brad!

In Get Wellthy, we explore a myriad of wellness topics that have the potential to improve our lives, reset our bodies, shift our minds and get us feeling good again. Not to mention, we do it in a fun, approachable, and super unpretentious way. 

If that doesn’t hook you, I’m a wanna-be comedian so come join us for the jokes and let me entertain you.

You can listen to Get Wellthy anywhere you find your favorite podcasts.

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