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Good Food Cookbook

This cookbook, the first ever fully endorsed and supported by Whole30, offers a collection of 120 recipes to keep Whole30 devotees going strong.

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Date Night in with Green Chef

The Whole Smiths celebrate a fun date night IN with our partners at Green Chef. No need to leave the house for a delicious dinner, we were able to make it ourselves with Green Chef. Check out out how it went below! I know how hard it can be to squeeze in a date night,…

Easy Instant Pot Whole30 Carnitas

These Easy Instant Pot Whole30 Carnitas from the Whole Smiths are a breeze to make and perfect to make ahead to use in recipes throughout the week. If you’ve been looking for the perfect way to make tasty carnitas, this recipe is for you.  Carnitas, carnitas, carnitas! You scream, I scream, we all scream for…

Finding Healthy in the Middle

I’ve been working on this post off and on for the last few weeks. I’m hoping it becomes one of the more important things I write amongst all of these recipes. More than anything, I hope this resonates with you and it’s something that you can relate to. We can all find a place in…

Grain-Free Strawberry Filled Chocolate Cupcakes

These Grain-Free Strawberry Filled Chocolate Cupcakes are brought to you by The Whole Smiths in collaboration with New Barn Organic Almondmilk and Simple Mills. Not only are these cupcakes amazingly easy and delicious but they’re gluten-free and paleo.  As you all know by now, I am not a fan of baking. Let me clarify that….

Sweet Potato Fritters + Turmeric Dipping Sauce

This Sweet Potato Fritters + Turmeric Ginger Dip recipe is brought to you by The Whole Smiths in partnership with NFL Fan Style. These delicious fritters are gluten-free and Whole30 compliant. Not only do you get a winning recipe, but I’m also going to show you how you can indulge and still have an amazing…

Creamy Pesto Zoodles + Chicken

This Creamy Pesto Zoodles + Chicken recipe from The Whole Smiths is brought to you in partnership with New Barn Almondmilk. Not only is this recipe gluten-free and packed with nutrients, it’s Whole30 compliant! I just finished watching some episodes of Master of None where Aziz Ansari’s character spends some time learning how to make…

Spaghetti Squash Pizza “Pasta”

A Pizza Pasta from The Whole Smiths that’s sure to be a hit amongst the entire family. Not only is this “pasta” gluten-free and paleo, it’s Whole30 compliant thanks to the spaghetti squash. Pizza Pasta, say whaaaa? Yep, you heard that right. All of the flavors you love from pizza crammed into a healthy, veggie…

Paleo Mocha Protein Shake

An easy-to-make paleo Mocha Protein Shake recipe from The Whole Smiths in collaboration with Rootz Nutrition. This tasty, quick shake makes a great compliment to your breakfast or any post-workout or on-the-go snack. Ahh December 29th. The time of year where we all look to clean up our diets and repent for our holiday diet…

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