Why I started selling Beautycounter products

When you saw that I’ve started working with Beautycounter you most likely thought, either A. “Awesome! I love that Michelle’s also involved in promoting cleaner/ better beauty products” or B. “Oh great, another “influencer” selling Beautycounter”.

If you’re the latter, listen. I get it. It seems like every paleo, whole food figure in the industry is posting about selling Beautycounter products. What I want to do in this post is not only explain to you why I truly like Beautycounter products but give you a sneak peek behind the scenes on my business and share with you the financial reasons I started selling it.

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Why I decided to become a Beautycounter Consultant: 

First, let’s head back a few years, shall we? I started using Beautycounter products and was really excited about a company that had cosmetics that weren’t loaded with junk. And instantly, I loved many of their products and was instantly obsessed with their Velvet Eye Shadow Palette and used it every day.

Other products (like their eyeliner pencil and mascara) I was very “meh” on because when it comes to beauty products, I’m a picky lady with super high standards.

I thought the products should do better. That’s the truth and I only share the products I truly love.

beautycounter classic eye shadow palette

I signed up to start selling it through Instagram and again felt “meh” – I just wasn’t that into it and didn’t want to feel like I was in “one of those mutual level marketing things”. So I kept using their products and fell in love with even more of their products but stopped selling them. I was just happy to share it on my site and answer people’s questions about them.

Products like their Overnight Resurfacing Peel and No. 1 Brightening Oil became solid staples in my daily nighttime skincare routine.

a small bottle of beautycounter overnight peel

Fast forward a few years to a lunch I was having with my friend Kristen from Living, Loving Paleo. I was talking to her about sponsored content on my site and how it was making me feel wiped out. Luckily, I’ve been fortunate to have a lot of sponsorship opportunities that I am forever grateful for.

However, I came to realize that all of the time I spent developing content for other brands left me very little time to be working on my own brand.

My own content that I am passionate about creating for you. However, the sponsored content was paying the bills.

Kristen had been selling Beautycounter for about a year or so and knew how I had felt in the past about selling it. However, we launched into a lengthy conversation and I realized my reservations on selling Beautycounter didn’t lie in the fact that I didn’t love their products or feel passionate about the company’s mission.

The truth was I had built up such disdain for the MLM business model and felt I was too cool to do that.

There I said it, I felt like I was above working in this sort of platform with my business. I went home, put on a No. 3 Charcoal Mask and thought things over.

beautycounter charcoal mask in a small black tube

The more I spent time thinking about it the more it made sense. I mean, I was already using and loving their products and sharing them with you. So why wasn’t I choosing to make it part of my business? In fact, I could use the income I made from Beautycounter to supplement the income I was making from sponsored content and spend more time working on my blog and my next cookbook.

 I decided to join Kristen’s team and go for it.

I wanted to get back to growing my own business and following my own passion.

It was silly for me from a business (and common sense) perspective to not to. Not to mention, I love the philosophy behind Beautycounter’s better beauty mission as it folds in perfectly with my own philosophy.

Having Kristen as a mentor has been nothing short of amazing. Not only is it fun working with one of my close friends but she has so much knowledge to share and she’s grown a group of kind, helpful and passionate women that support each other.

We’re always growing our team, so if you are interested in joining us and making beauty a better place to be, email me at [email protected] and we can chat more.

Now I’ve been able to replace the income I was making through sponsored content and I’m able to bring you more content that is designed specifically with your needs in mind. More recipes that are easy to source, easy to make and damn delicious.

I’ll still have some sponsored content sprinkled in with some of the partners I’ve grown to love but it will be fewer.

By purchasing Beautycounter products through me that means you’re not only getting high quality, better beauty products but you’re helping me keep this blog running robustly.

So why do I like Beautycounter so much?

Because I’m all about balance and Beautycounter provides that. As I mentioned, I’m a beauty product junkie. I love all sorts of makeup, hair care products, and skin care stuff. I use everything from Dr. Bronner’s soap (my fave) to Proactiv (yikes).

I love the idea of suing everything natural and organic but truthfully, it’s not gonna happen. At least not yet. Beautycounter enables me to slowly start switching out my more toxic products for high-quality products that are free of so many harsh chemicals.

Stay tuned for next week’s post when I chat with you more about what exactly better beauty is and why I’ve become increasingly passionate about. In the meantime, please feel free to check out the products Beautycounter has available and feel free to message me if you have any questions!

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Why I started selling Beautycounter Products | Find out why I chose to become a Beautycounter Consultant and what I really think of the products #beautycounter #beauty #makeup

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