Get Wellthy Episode 12: Quieting Internal Chatter with Ethan Kross

Do you ever have moments where that voice inside your head just keeps talking and you can’t get it to stop?

The voice that replays that and awkward interaction over and over again? Or that negative self-talk that you just can’t seem to turn into a positive. The voice that’s rehashing past events or worrying about future ones? That voice.

Ethan Kross calls that “chatter” and details all we need to know about that voice in his new book, Chatter. Today we are talking to him all about why this happens, what that means for us, and how we can reign it in and get control.

Ethan is a scientist, psychologist, one of the world’s leading experts in controlling the conscious mind and he is a leading expert when it comes to all that we need to know about these internal dialogues.

This conversation comes at such a fitting time as the chatter within all of us is at an all-time high with today’s current events. The fact is, we have this chatter for a reason. It’s a powerful tool if we can learn to train it, but if it’s left untamed it can be extremely destructive. Listen today to hear more about how we can use it to our benefit rather than our detriment, and get a sneak peak in Ethan’s brand new book, Chatter!

Episode Highlights: 

  • Michelle shared one of her not great (or should we say terrible) ideas for an invention
  • What “chatter” is and how it impacts our daily lives
  • How we can think more objectively to help with chatter that might not be good for us
  • Why negative emotions are actually helpful for us in small doses
  • How we can help out kids to maintain their chatter at healthy levels

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