Get Wellthy Episode 13: How to Meaningfully Connect with Our Tweens and Teens with Kirsten Cobabe

“Oh, you think parenting toddlers is hard? Just wait until the teen years!”

How to Meaningfully Connect with Our Tweens and Teens

Chances are if you’re a parent, at one point or another, someone has projected their negative feelings toward being a parent of older kids. But is that really the narrative we need to accept?

Today on Get Wellthy, we are chatting with Kirsten Cobabe who is known as the “teen whisperer” and has some amazing resources for parents of teens. Kirsten was so helpful in answering many of the questions that come along with being parents of teens. Not only was she helpful, but she was encouraging. Parenting teens doesn’t have to feel like a continuous struggle, in fact it can be enjoyable.

Listen today to hear some tips from Kirsten as we cover everything from how we can be intentional as parents to what we can do to facilitate healthy communication with our growing kids.


Episode Highlights: 

  • Michelle and Brad seriously contemplate the status of Brad’s “temporary-ness” as he continues to try to escape work for the hot tub. Spoiler alert, sounds like he will be temporary for a while.
  • How easy it is to carry the way our parents “parented” us into our our parenthood journeys.
  • Why it’s so important to be intentional as parents in the pre-teen-teen age ranges.
  • How to approach conversations and facilitate healthy communication with our teens.
  • Oversharing vs. being able to let them know that we understand where they are coming from.
  • How to break our kids into technology in a healthy and realistic way.
  • How school has changed this year and how to support our kids through it.
  • How to approach kids who don’t open up.

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