Get Wellthy Episode 7: Our Food Philosophy & The Heart Behind Real Food Every Day

Today not just a special day because Michelle’s second cookbook, Real Food Every Day, is OFFICIALLY out in the world, but Michelle and Brad want to share a little more about the heart behind the cookbook.Our Food Philosophy & The Heart Behind Real Food Every DayNot to mention, some behind the scenes tidbits. Listen to today’s episode to hear about how their relationship with food has evolved over the years and how that’s reflected in the book. Also, Michelle shares a couple fun stories about the recipes in the book as well as her future plans for books, the podcast, and more!


Things We Discussed In The Episode/Episode Highlights: 

  • Michelle and Brad discuss the evolution of their food journey and how it ties into the new cookbook
  • Michelle shares the groundbreaking moment of when she told Brad she was going to start a blog
  • Michelle gives the inside scoop on the heart behind the cookbook, and she might even share a few stories about a couple of the recipes
  • Michelle shares her future plans as a blogger, author, and podcaster

Links Mentioned in Episode/Find More on The Whole Smiths:

  • Get 15% off Real Coco Creamers on Amazon with the code: GETWELLTHY15
  • Order my new cookbook HERE!
  • IG: @thewholesmiths
  • IG: @getwellthypodcast

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One Comment

  1. Just tried your 2am Tacos and Marsala soup. The tacos were a Hugh hit and will be trying the Sweet Potatoe Egg thinggies soon. Awesome write up in San Jose Mercury News (Sun). Will try to tune into the cookbook launch on Jan 20th. Nice looking family. We are a family of 4; my 46 yr old daughter, her husband and a very energetic granddaughter age 4. I am a spry 78 year old who is so lucky to be surrounded by them during this nightmare pandemic.

    Your recipes have restarted our NY weekly recipe plans

    Happy New Year, Patty Gold-San Jose, Ca