Real Food Every Day Holiday Cover

I know, The Whole Smiths Real Food Every Day doesn’t hit the shelves until Tuesday December 12th, but we’ve created a fun way that you can still gift it for the holidays with this festive Real Food Every Day holiday cover!

real food every day book cover with red holiday bow

How ’bout that? Here’s how it works. First, you’ve got to pre-order the book. You can do it at our Real Food Every Day landing page. Don’t forget to cash in on our pre-order bonuses, more on that below… but first.

Come back here and simply right click the image above and save to downloads. You can then print it out to mail or gift (don’t forget to fill out the gift tag!) OR you can gift it digitally. How is that, you say? You can save the image to your phone, fill out the tag on a quick graphics app (Instagram stories is a super easy one you likely already have), save the image and text, email, DM, whatever! Let your recipient know it will arrive on their porch December 29th. 

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