Get Wellthy Episode 3: My Experience with Anxiety and Why it Doesn’t Need to be a Life Sentence

In this episode of Get Wellthy  Brad and I have an open conversation about my experience with anxiety. I share the dirty details about when it first started, how I dealt with it through college, and ultimately how I began to understand, manage and overcome it.

Anxiety is something that is truly misunderstood and if it’s something that you struggle with, I want you to know you’re not alone! My hope is that through my own story you find encouragement to start taking the right steps to manage your anxiety and address it head on so that you can be one step closer to a life of complete wellness. Join us in this episode of Get Wellthy, where wellness doesn’t suck. 

Things We Discussed In The Episode/Episode Highlights: 

  • Why Michelle decided to transition some content over to a podcast
  • Michelle’s journey with anxiety and why it shouldn’t be seen as a life sentence
  • The misconception around anxiety from people who don’t deal with it
  • Michelle tries to see how many words she can rhyme with “hustle”, there’s a lot!

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  1. Loved this podcast. You and Brad are a great pair. As a fellow anxiety sufferer, I often feel like I lead a double life because no one would ever believe I have anxiety. We tend to get so good at hiding it, avoiding situations or working around them, that no one can really tell what is truly going on.