Get Wellthy Episode 14: Finding and Cultivating Adult Friendships with Kat Vellos

Still pondering how to actually invest in good friendships since our amazing episode with Kristen Boehmer? Us too!

That’s exactly why we invited Kat Vellos to join us on Get Wellthy. Kat is an author, speaker and community creator specializing in the areas of connection and adult friendship.

Over the last year we’ve all been forced to isolate, sit in front of screens, and reconcile current friendships. Many would contend that these circumstances have been a massive disservice to our relationships, methods of connecting and well being. Today Kat spends some time reframing our thinking about what it truly means to invest in our relationships, how we can continue to have friendships even in the midst of a pandemic, whether it’s better to have a vast amount of surface level relationships or only a few relationships that take place on a deeper level and more.

If you enjoyed our first episode on friendship, you’re going to LOVE our conversation with Kat.

Episode Highlights: 

  • What makes it hard to find friends as adults.
  • What the loneliness epidemic is.
  • What the four pillars of connection are and how to use them to find friendship.
  • How to find the balance between just making small talk and trying too hard to bond.
  • The role that social media plays on our relationships.
  • Michelle and Brad try and convince themselves that they don’t look as old as the characters in Sex and the City (no comment).

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