Get Wellthy Episode 15: The Secret Life of Fat with Dr. Sylvia Tara, PHD

We all know that person who can down a plate of brownies and not gain a single pound (cough cough, Brad).

And then there are some of us who can look at a photo of a cupcake and instantaneously gain three pounds. Why the heck does this happen and what are we doing wrong to cause this?!

Dr. Sylvia Tara is a biochemist and a bestselling author, and today she is talking to us all about fat and the role it plays in our bodies. This conversation is enlightening and more importantly encouraging.

We learned a ton about the importance that fat plays in our bodies as well as why each of us respond so differently to what we consume. That cookie cutter diet might work for your friend, but you’re not a failure just because it’s not working for you. Drop the shame and listen in on this conversation to learn more!

Episode Highlights: 

  • The purpose behind the diet industry and why it keeps us from actually learning the truth about fat.
  • The different types of fat and what that means for us.
  • The role that exercise plays in relation to fat.
  • Why our bodies respond differently to fat.
  • Michelle asks Brad to rate her as if she was a movie. Any guesses as to what rating he gave her?! (Hint: It definitely wasn’t PG.)

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