Get Wellthy Episode 23: The Art and Science of Subtraction with Leidy Klotz

When we are feeling overwhelmed, burdened, or near burnout why is it that our reflex is always to add?

Add a new system to take on more, add some type of organizational tool to help us stay afloat, add help so that we can continue to carry our already full plates. What would happen if we attempted to subtract, rather than add?

Well, today that’s something we are going to explore.

Leidy Klotz is the Copenhaver Associate Professor at the University of Virginia. Today we are discussing his new book Subtract, and believe us when we say after this interview is over, his book is going to be just about the only thing you’re going to want to add to your life. We cover the “why” behind our tendency to add to our plates, what we can do to start shifting our thinking, and how all of this impacts us as humans.

If you’ve related to our previous episode about feeling less joy, more burnout, and feeling on the verge of giving up, don’t miss today’s episode as we continue to conversation and get one step closer to truly becoming Wellthy.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Michelle tries to fire Brad and then proceeds to butcher Leidy’s intro. (Maybe Michelle should be the co-host.)
  • What it means to truly subtract.
  • How we have been conditioned to add rather than subtract.
  • What we can subtract from our lives to live more abundantly.
  • How the overload of information has impacted us as humans.
  • Michelle and Brad leave listeners with a BIG CLIFFHANGER for next week, so make sure you’re subscribed!

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