Get Wellthy Episode 22: Discovering Your Own Personal Joy with Kelsey J Patel

What if we told you that you were in control of the amount of joy in your life? Would you believe it? Would you accept the challenge to begin finding it?

Kelsey J Patel is an author and meditation teacher who is also certified in EFT and today she is helping us continue the conversation on discovering joy. There are many different facets of our lives that play into joy and today Kelsey walks us through the process of what it takes to be truly joyful.

As you will hear in this episode, Kelsey is someone who radiates joyfulness. Through this episode, Michelle and Brad both hope that you will be able to take away some of Kelsey’s wisdom, apply it to your lives, and become one step closer to living an abundant life full of joy.

Episode Highlights: 

  • The importance of processing things we have gone through.
  • A conversation on what joy truly is.
  • How to develop self-awareness to begin experiencing joy.
  • A conversation on whether or not we are in control of our own joy.
  • Actionable steps on how to begin practicing intuition.

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