Get Wellthy Episode 29: When Social Media Isn’t So Social

Anyone else feel like social media is completely different than it was five, three, or even one year ago?!

Whether you are an online influencer or simply a consumer of social media, we have all witnessed a shift in the use of social media. What started as a simple way to connect with people you haven’t seen since high school, is now a war zone of algorithms, catfishes, and highlight reels.

Today, Michelle and Brad discuss the changes they have witnessed over the past year or so, how it has impacted them, and what they are doing about it. Not only will you find solidarity in this episode, but also a long overdue baby update, and a couple hints about what’s to come for Michelle, Brad, and the Whole Smiths!

Episode Highlights: 

  • How Michelle feels about social media as an influencer.
  • A pregnancy update from Michelle and Brad.
  • What social media was vs. what it has become.
  • Orthorexia, what it is, and why we should learn about it.
  • You guys ask, Michelle and Brad answer. Questions you asked on social media.
  • Changes to come for Michelle, her blog, and where she will be pivoting to.
  • Make sure your tomato plants get plenty of water: Because Brad said so!

Links Mentioned in Episode/Find More on The Whole Smiths:


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