Get Wellthy Episode 28: Today’s Spirituality: Is it healthy? Is it working? with Zack Alexander

Among the thousands of other current buzzwords as of late, spirituality is certainly at the top of the list…but at the heart of it all, is it working? Have we taken it too far from its intended roots?

Today, this is something Michelle and Brad had the honor of discussing with Zack Alexander.

Zack is a Shamanic Healer & Shadow-Work Coach, and today he shares his journey with us. He is candid as he talks about the role spiritually plays in his life even as an expert and how he arrived to the place and mindset he is today.

While we agree there is absolutely a place for spirituality in our lives, we have felt like we’re seeing a trend to use spirituality as a cop out to avoid accepting responsibility for their own actions or the work that one needs put in for genuine connection and alignment. 

Have we taken it too far? Are we using it as a way to sit back and watch Netflix as we let the universe do it’s job or is that what we’re supposed to do?

Listen today, to see where we landed.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Zack’s background and how he went from attending law school to owning a healing practice.
  • Why spirituality is making a questionable shift today.
  • The impact social media has on spirituality.
  • The detriment of the manifestation trend.
  • The epidemic of people taking on external things to form their identity and inner self.
  • Why micro trauma can the issue and necessarily not one monumental trauma.
  • Michelle talks about her past life as a chronic song repeater.

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