Get Wellthy Episode 26: Why Trendy Diets Alone Won’t Lead to a Lasting Wellness

Anyone else tired of trying diet after diet after watching others succeed, only to find nothing has truly changed? Especially long term?

You’re not alone. And also, you’re not broken…the diet industry is, and in season two we are talking a lot more about this.

If you log onto social media, you will find an influx of “before and afters,” highlight reels, and a host of different diets. And today Michelle and Brad talk about the dangers of taking these things too much to heart, EVEN from the self proclaimed “experts.” 

The true key to wellness is that there isn’t one true key and that’s why you’re here. It’s time we start letting go of the black and white ideologies and disordered ways of living and start leaning into what truly makes us well. Spoiler alert, it’s not just about the food. Listen today to find out more and start living a life that leads to true wellness.

Episode Highlights: 

  • A welcome back to season 2 from Michelle and…STILL temporary co-host Brad.
  • Four components Michelle and Brad feel are not being addressed in the diet industry.
  • A discussion on whether we should eliminate complete food groups or not.
  • Michelle and Brad have an entertaining conversation about the Real Housewives and French foods.
  • How social media plays into all of this and why we need perspective when viewing it.
  • The importance of knowing there is no magic pill and one size fits all when it comes to health.

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