Get Wellthy Episode 31: Girl, why you so Triggered?

We all have different triggers, what are yours?

This week we are diving into different types of triggers. And while the word “triggers” has certainly become buzzworthy, we aren’t just going  to talk about them for the fun of it. Today, we are going to actually start doing something about them.

Triggers, annoyances, and pet peeves, all look different for each of us, but if we learn to lean into them they can become productive bits of information that help us to learn more about ourselves and grow as people.

If you’ve been feeling triggered more than normal recently, just know it probably comes with the craziness of all that’s going on around us. BUT there are things you can do to learn and grow through them. Listen today as we dive deeper and start leaning into our triggers.

Episode Highlights: 

  • A check in with Michelle and Brad.
  • The two main types of triggers.
  • Michelle tries her damndest to make up another word, in fact, she may have her own dictionary coming.
  • How to manage triggers.
  • A note about the obligation we feel to follow others online.

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