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As you may have seen on my Instagram, we recently finished a remodel on our kitchen and living room… and hallways, but that’s boring. The good stuff is the kitchen and living areas. I mean, that’s where we spend most of our time, right?

We deigned our remodel to accommodate that. We wanted a space that would accommodate our young family (the kids, not us!) and hosting our friends. And along with that I wanted furniture that would do the same. All the while looking fresh, on trend and still casual and inviting. Enter Joybird.

Something I didn’t anticipate when beginning this project was the fact that my husband and I wouldn’t see eye to eye on the aesthetic of our project or furniture. Particularly the furniture and decor side of things. Color me naive on that one because from what I hear it’s quite common. He’s typically more of the, “Sure, whatever you’d like honey” brand of husband. But he suddenly developed a strong opinion on much of what I had picked out. While I wanted a more modern feel, he’s very classic and wanted something to reflect that. Fortunately Joybird furniture was the only furniture we both agreed on.

I’d been following Joybird for quite sometime on social media and absolutely adored the style of their furnishings. They were modern but not trendy and classic but not dated. It was the perfect custom mid-century furniture I had been dreaming of. I was however a bit apprehensive about ordering large pieces of furniture, such as a sectional, without having sat on it. Fortunately they have an 365-day return policy, which means you have an entire year to decide if you like it or not. So it’s risk free. Problem solved.

I also love that I can customize my furniture online without the trouble of working with a sales associate. Here’s a true story for you. A little over a year ago I was at the mall with the girls and knowing that I wanted a new sofa (or sectional) after we were done with the remodel, I popped into a popular furniture store to check theirs out. I found one I liked and asked a sales associate what the price on it would be. She brought me to the back of the store, to her computer and 30 MINUTES LATER produced a price for me. The girls were antsy and getting squirrelly (which is awesome in a place with loads of expensive glass things) and despite telling her, it’s ok I would come back, she kept insisting it would only be two more minutes. It wasn’t. I even feel annoyed all over again typing this out. To top it all off the price she came back for for one sectional was over $8,000. I was flabbergasted and left drained. And had to buy the kids a bunch of candy to fulfill the bribes I doled out in the store for them to just sit still.

So you can see why I loved being able to design my Joybird Eliot Apartment Sectional and Hopson Chair from the comfort of my own home… alone. Not to mention, Joybird will send a box of fabric swatches to your home at not cost so you can see and feel the fabric for yourself prior to committing. Even better!

I knew that whatever sofa or sectional I chose would be the centerpiece of the living area and because I had stuck with mostly neutral colors for our remodel, I wanted something that would pop. We went with Vibe Tranquil which is a fun teal that still matches with everything we have. It indeed was the perfect pop.

Check out my Joybird video below to see our new furniture in use. And for all of my lucky followers, Joybird is offering 20% off of your purchase with the code “WHOLESMITHS”.

I know you’ll love your Joybird furniture as much as we love ours.

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  1. Michelle, I’ve followed you for awhile now but haven’t seen anything about your kitchen! I always love seeing you in your element there, and I want to remodel our kitchen, but I don’t see any details anywhere about YOURS, cuz I’d like to use yours as inspiration. Would you tell me if there are any posts dealing with this subject? I’ve searched but no luck. Thank you!