Chicken Pesto Wrap

The people have spoken and my Chicken Pesto Wrap is up next on the blog. It’s great because it works for lunch or dinner and makes for easy leftovers, which I am all about.

This was one of the first recipes I came up with when we switched over to Paleo. I was scouring Pinterest for some Paleo dinner ideas and came across a Chicken Pesto Sandwich. Just so you know, when it comes to sandwiches I’m kinda like Joey from Friends, I looooove me some sandos! This sandwich was SCREAMING at me through the screen. I had to have it. But I couldn’t. So I decided to take the flavors I was craving and turn it into something I COULD eat. This was the recipe that also prompted me to make my own mayo for the first time. (I told you, I was desperate!) There are a few steps to it, but they’re all easy. Chopping and blending mostly and I know you can handle that.

Let’s talk about the pesto. The pesto recipe I linked to is one that I have used for years. I’ve made my own slight modifications over time to get to the one I use today (upping the garlic, adding red pepper flakes), but this is a great starting point. And no, it is not strictly paleo as it does have pecorino cheese in it. I choose to leave it in as I feel it is a relatively small amount and adds a lot of flavor. However, you may choose to leave it out. Just make sure to add some additional salt to even up the flavors.

What I like about this recipe is you can really make it your own. We all like different things and amounts of things on our sandwiches or wraps (just ask anyone who’s ever worked at a Togo’s). So if you looove tomatoes, add some more. Not a huge fan of mayo? Add just enough to moisten the chicken salad and up the mustard. I like to think that way about any of my recipes. Modify them as you will! Feel free to add avocado, sprouts, pickles (maybe not?), whatever you’d like. Let me know what your favorite combo has been so I can try it out too. 🙂



4 chicken breasts or 1 rotisserie chicken
1/4-1/3 C. homemade mayo
1 Tbsp. whole grain mustard
1/4-1/3 C. pesto
1 C. cherry tomatoes halved
1 head of iceberg or butter lettuce for wraps
salt and pepper to taste


Prepare the chicken breasts your favorite way; grilling, pan roasting etc. and shred, chop or dice. Or simply shred the chicken off from your rotisserie. Once you have your chicken shredded add chicken, mayo and mustard to the bowl and combine well. Salt and pepper to taste. Scoop two or three spoons of chicken to your lettuce cup, top with pesto and tomatoes (however much you’d like of each), wrap like a burrito and EAT!

Let me warn you, this does tend to get a wee bit messy sometimes so feel free to have a fork on hand to get the remnants up at the end. You’ll also have plenty of mayo and pesto left over so find some other yummy uses for them. Like my Pineapple Broccoli Slaw or adding the pesto to your morning eggs.

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