Whole30 Baby Steps

I’ve recently decided that come Monday I am taking the plunge and trying the Whole30. Essentially, a very clean way of eating for 30 days that people have amazing results from. And I’m not just talking about weight loss, but higher energy, mental clarity and generally just feeling better. I know it’s not for everyone nor do I expect it to be. We are all on different journeys in our food relationships.

I’d love for people to join me, but like I said it’s not for everyone. However, perhaps we can all benefit from choosing one thing we’d like to change about our diets and tackle our individual goals together. It’s taken me quite some time to get to a point where I feel I can make this commitment. It’s all about baby steps…

When I look at what my daily diet consists of regularly today, I realize there are so many foods I now avoid that even just one year ago I gobbled down freely, thinking they were “healthy” for me. None of this came cold turkey for me. First, Brad and I started off making sure any of the produce we bought that was found on the “Dirty Dozen” was organic. Then came buying only organic milk for the kids, then all dairy. As we learned more and more about the paleo diet we began to eliminate things bit by bit. Truth be told, it was the easy stuff. Like corn. Ok, corn. Who cares about corn? How much corn do I really eat anyways. Juice? Again, maybe some orange juice here and there. No problem!

Then when January rolled around we were ready to commit and pull the trigger on the big no-nos we had avoided giving up for so long. Sugar. Grains / Gluten. Booze (ok, ok, we haven’t entirely given that one up but we HAVE cut back quite a bit and think twice about beer). And yes, we do “cheat” time to time for special events and holidays. However, I hate that word because it makes it sound like you’ve failed. I don’t look at it as a failure when I have a beer or a piece of pizza. Day to day, we make good, wholesome decisions about food. That way, when something “special” comes along we can enjoy it guilt free.

My challenge to you for the 30 days is to pick ONE thing off this list that you know you can easily commit to changing in your diet. Seriously, pick the easiest one for you. Don’t cheat though. Like if you HATE juice and never drink it anyways, don’t pick that one you big ‘ol cheater! Have you been wanting to make the switch to organic produce or milk? Now’s the time! Only have a soda every couple of days? Commit to ditch it.

1. Eliminate sugary drinks – This includes juice, juice-like drinks, SODA and diet soda*, your mocha-macha-latte with a twist, you get the idea. *Even though diet drinks don’t have added sugar they have even more junk added to it.

2. SOYonara to soy – This may be a bit tricky at first since soy is in so much. But just start reading your labels. Most products will clearly label if there is soy present because of allergies. Here’s a link to a balanced article on the drawbacks and benefits of soy so you can decide for yourself.

3. Switch to organic dairy – Costco is a great source for organic dairy these days. From milk to cheeses they have you covered. Eggs as well!

4. No more dinners that can be “cooked” in the microwave – C’mon you know you don’t rrrreally like them anyways. (Except for Bagel Bites, that shit’s good.)

5. Get rid of your processed condiments and dressings – These are all loaded with so much crap and they are so easy to make your own. And truthfully taste so much better. Feel free to message me for suggestions and/or recipes you can use instead.

6. No more morning (or ever) cereal – Seinfeld didn’t really eat that much cereal and you don’t need to either. Regardless of what they try to sell you on, 99% of cereals are just made of sugary, processed carbs that will tank your energy levels soon after eating. The nutritional levels are low and they don’t provide you with true health benefits.

7. Kick the candy habit – Unless your grandma makes it for you stop eating it!

8. No more fast food – No explanation needed. This one has been quite easy for me since I’m no longer a stoner college student (just kidding Mom!!!). Full disclosure though, being in California and having easy access to In N Out, we DO indulge for road trips or special occasions. Animal style AND protein style. Please know, I am NOT saying this is good, just that it’s our one fast food treat we have.

9. Give up the gluten – My husband and I used to joke about how everyone now has the fashionable “gluten intolerance”. But once we started learning more about it and made the change,the difference has been huge. Especially for my gut maladies.

10. Do you have something different you personally struggle with in relation to food? Choose THAT!

Like I said, it’s been baby steps over a few years. But together we can make the changes to we need and start feeling good again! Who’s with me? Comment below on what you are looking to change.



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